The calotest allows to measure the thickness of hard coatings quickly with the greatest precision.


• Control unit with a microprocessor to program speed, time, size of a ball, as well as X and Y dimensions

• Microscope (magnification 50x) equipped with a reticule eyepiece 0,02 mm and LED lighting

• Automatic calculation of thickness

• Timer for working from 1 to 30 minutes

• Sets of balls:10 mm; 15 mm; 20 mm; 25 mm; 30 mm

• Rotation axe with a variable speed from 200 to 1000 tr/min


OPTION1: Basic Version

OPTION2: Automatic printed report on a USB key + software

OPTION3: Microscope holder with precise cross setting in X and Y

OPTION4: Video color camera USB2 High resolution 1280 x 1024

SXGA 1,3 M Pixel + DELL PC LCD display 19″ + software for measurement of X&Ydimension with an automatic report

Produced by Tribo Technic

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